2020 Census

2020 Census

Be Counted in the 2020 Census


A census is completed every 10 years and it requires a count of every living person within the U.S.!  Making sure that you are counted allows for your community to be given representation, money, and power in places that truly matter.  The census count is used to help decide the number and shape of legislative districts, the way that government funding for things like hospitals, roads, schools and other things are given out, what areas business will invest in, as well as social service programs like Meals on Wheels, Senior Centers, and Veterans Aid.  Each person who goes uncounted in Illinois could cause the state to lose approximately $1,400 per uncounted person each year.

So what does the 2020 Census ask?

  • The number and names of people in your household and for each person in your household:

  • Sex (Male or Female)

  • Age and Date of Birth

  • Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin

  • Race

  • Relationship to the person answering the Census.

  • Whether you own or rent your home.

  • Your phone number, in case the Census Bureau needs to contact you later.


All information shared for the Census is protected by federal law and cannot be shared.  Your answers remain confidential and all data is reported as a whole.

2020 Census Information


Make sure to respond to the Census and make your count matter!  You only need to complete 1 census per household, no matter the age or relation to those living there. The Bureau will be mailing invitations in mid-March to allow you to complete the census online from the comfort of your own home.  If you do not complete the online option, you will receive a mailed questionnaire by mid-April.  For more information, visit the links below.  You can also contact AgeSmart Community Resources at (618) 222-2561 for help on your 2020 Census completion or visit them at the above link.

Learn more about about the 2020 Census from the HEALTHIER TOGETHER website's emerging issues, from AgeSmart Community Resources or from the Illinois Census website