Building Resilient & Inclusive Communities: Cold Storage Units

Building Resilient & Inclusive Communities: Cold Storage Units


The HEALTHIER TOGETHER, Make Health Happen, and the Mt. Calvary Community Outreach partnership under the BRIC initiative has continued working hard to make strides in the East St Louis and Washington Park footprint.  One of the nutrition goals for this initiative is to focus on improving equitable access to healthy foods by implementing nutrition standards at food banks, pantries, and other key food distribution anchor institutions. This particular goal not only focused on revitalizing community gardens, but also on purchasing cold storage units for food pantries and other feeding sites.  

In previous BRIC stories, we introduced you to some of the community gardens that have been revitalized to help supply fresh produce to local schools, housing projects and food pantries. Now, we're delighted to bring you the "rest of the story" and share the behind the scenes work to help get cold storage units into food distribution sites throughout the community. 

While pandemic-related supply chain issues have slowed this process, two of the four units ordered in 2021 have been installed at the East St. Louis Mind of Christ and the Fairmont City Christian Activity Center food pantries.  Deliveries to Jeremiah’s Food Pantry and the Catholic Urban Programs Food Pantry are forthcoming in 2022.  Additionally, with the recent announcement for HEALTHIER TOGETHER to receive a second year of BRIC funding, we are excited to see what year two of the BRIC partnership brings. 




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