Partners for Diapers in St. Clair County and the Metro East

Partners for Diapers in St. Clair County and the Metro East

HEALTHIER TOGETHER’s partnership with the St. Clair County Health Department (SCCHD) and the East Side Health District (ESHD) has made a large impact on families across St. Clair County and the Metro East through their diaper distribution programs. These programs, known as the Diaper Depot by ESHD and the Diaper Coalition by SCCHD rely on partners like the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and the Metro East Diaper Bank to assist their federal WIC Family Case management programs.  Eash month, these diaper programs provide families receiving services through SCCHD and the ESHD with 50 diapers for any child under the age of 4 and 25 diapers for pregnant women preparing for the birth of their child.  HEALTHIER TOGETHER has covered the annual membership fee for the ESHD program since 2020 and the SCCHD program since 2021 to help keep the Diaper Depot and Diaper Coalition active.

This partnership has reached 3,582 families providing them with more than 219,175 diapers.

According to our partners, the average diaper usage for infants and toddlers is approximately 8-12 diapers per day and this costs families more than $100.00 in diaper expenses per month.  Since there are no other programs that provide diaper assistance to families, children fromlow-income households may spend longer periods of time in a single diaper which can lead to a number of health problems and increase their risk of care giver physical abuse due to a potential increase of crying. Through the diaper bank and diaper coalition, 3,582 families have received 219,175 diapers since August 2021.  This partnership allows us to continue to ensure the protection of maternal and child health within St. Clair County and the Metro East.

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