Food on the Move

Mt. Calvary Community Outreach and Food on the Move

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing practices, the MTC Community Outreach (MTCCO) organization sought ways to help local residents in the Washington Park area obtain desperately needed food supplies.  They partnered with the St. Louis Food Bank to help get boxes of food into the hands of families struggling to make ends meet during these uncertain times.  Today, these efforts are ongoing and the MTCCO has solidified a continuing partnership with the St. Louis Food Bank to ensure families will continue to have access to healthy and nutritious food.  
Food on the Move event trailer.
New customized trailers complete with refrigeration units.

In an effort to expand their program into something long-term for the community, MTCCO has launched a new program, Food on the Move, that allows residents to walk through a customized trailer and pick out the food they want, instead of being handed pre-packed food boxes.  The trailer customizations also include refrigeration units to preserve the food during these events.

Food on the Move consists of two hosting sites in the St. Louis area, and MTCCO hosts one on the Illinois side of the river. The trailer is onsite every second Monday from 2:30-3:30pm at Mt. Calvary Church of God at 1420 N. 49th St., Washington Park, IL from now through December, 2021. 

This effort is part of an on-going set of activities known as the Neighbor-to-Neighbor initiative, a grassroots campaign supported through funding provided for HEALTHIER TOGETHER's overall Community Safety strategy. The Neighbor-to-Neighbor initiative began through leadership within the Washington Park community and is based on the principles of collective impact. Since the initiative began in 2020, members of the Community Safety work group, in association with the MTCCO and other partners have helped to helped create a long-range vision and path for building resilient and thriving neighborhoods whose residents look out for one another and work together to address local improvements.

Food on the move event trailer.
These trailers allow for members of the community to walk through and choose their items.

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