Fresh Produce Voucher Program: Another Successful Year

Fresh Produce Voucher Program: Another Successful Year

The Fresh Produce Food Voucher Program, created by the Chronic Disease Workgroup, had yet another successful year in 2022.  This program first ran in the summer of 2019 at the Belleville Old Town Market, and it quickly became apparent that there was a need that could be addressed in the Belleville footprint.  In February of 2020, the program was expanded and a partnership was established with the brick-and-mortar Farmer’s Markets in Belleville. Seeing its success, The Neighbors Market of East St. Louis also participated a one-time run to introduce the program into the Washington Park and East St. Louis footprint, later extending into East Side Health District’s farmer’s market.

The success of this program shows that there is still a need within the St. Clair County and Metro East footprint to address food access, food insecurity, food deserts, and the lack of nutritious foods available to those in need of assistance. The Chronic Disease work group continues to be passionate about the voucher program, brainstorming new ways to reach communities in need. Since its inception, vouchers have been passed out through the local schools, mobile food markets, the YMCA, food pantries, the WIC clinic, local churches, the Violence Prevention Center, and even SIHF Healthcare. Its these types of partnerships that enable these programs a wider reach within the community, which would otherwise not be possible without their help.



In 2022, there were 351 vouchers redeemed for a total of $3,510 in fresh produce provided to community members. Funding for this program has been rolled over into the 2023 farmer’s market season with hopes of its continued success for our St. Clair County and Metro East communities.


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