Emerging Issues

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
COVID-19 Information: The official outlet for information concerning COVID-19 in St. Clair County will be via the Emergency Management Agency Faceboook Page. Please visit the EMA page for the up to date information. Additional information can be found on the Public Notices page
Coronavirus is touching all our lives. Below are some helpful links to the latest information and services from International, National, State and Local Health authorities.
We're also adding a few of our favorite sites shared by our partners.  These are filled with updates and resources to help us get through this time together.
  1. World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  3. Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)
  4. St. Clair County Health Department (SCCHD)
  5. East Side Health District (ESHD)
  6. Madison County Health Department (MCHD)
  7. Memorial Hospital-Belleville
  8. SIHF Healthcare
  9. St. Elizabeth's Hospital
  10. Touchette Regional Hospital

Additional Resources:
2020 Census - Stand up and be counted!
The 2020 Census is closer than you think and it is essential that everyone is counted.  The census counts every person living in the United States and every 10 years, the results of the census are used to reapportion the House of Representatives, determining how many seats each state gets.  Federal funds, grants, and support to states, counties, and communities are also based on census data.  These funds are spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works, and other vital programs. 
Completing the census is mandatory and it is a way to participate in our democracy and say "I COUNT!" The 2020 Census will be easier than ever to participate in as you will be able to respond to the census online.  See the links below for more information on the 2020 Census.